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By lifepeacejustice, May 3 2015 10:27AM

Have you ever wondered how to talk to girls online, and eventually to pick them up? You may ask yourself "Why would I do that when you can go to a pub or a club!" Sure we do have those, but judging by the number of girls you can find in clubs, bars or whatever, we could easily find a target in other places because the more girls you can choose from, the bigger odds you'll get in picking up one. So, the perfect place to choose from a crazy amount of hot, single, beautiful womens is, obviously, social webistes like facebook, tumblr, tinder and others.| But let's talk about facebook. Why is facebook the best way to get girls? Simply because probably every hot girl you can think of has a facebook profile. With facebook you have unlimited options to choose from. If you fail at first, It's so much easier to deal with online "no's" than real life"no's".

A great tool in picking up on facebook or any other social website is that you have the option to carefully plan your questions without the difficulties ob beeing spontaneous, for instance. Some things you need to do before actually rehearsing your Romeo skills on facebook: Clean you facebook profile, as in highlight your best features.

Find photos of yourself smiling or beeing happy in certain scenarios.Put some baby photos as women love babies. Baby pics is a magnet for likes and comments from women. Pictures of yourself with your parents also will do the trick. Be sure to have your relationship status posted as single, and set friendship for what you are looking for. Put funny quotes in the about me section. Never list your phone as some females may think at you as desperate. Change you profile pic into something that describes you best. For instance if you like soccer, you should have a picture of you playing that sport. Women love action men so it is important to follow this step.

To finish my guide, you can start with these simple tips and later on we will learn some crazy pick up lines that I know most women fall for.

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